Paige Thomas and Vino Alan Shocker

Carly Rose Soneclar - The fantastic 13 year old who took X Factor (US) by storm.
@artemeis (4017)
December 2, 2012 10:48am CST
Season 2 and the race to the last 6 saw Piage Thomas being kicked out for being the contestant with the lowest viewer votes. It really came as a shock for me because I had expected the other contestant Cece Frey to be out instead, with another poor and unimpressive performance. The next shocker will have to be Vino Alan who had been ranked 3rd throughout until the race for the last six which saw him being voted to a sing-off with another surprisingly low ranked Diamond White. The big question would have to be - "What Happened?" I felt for Vino because his placing was probably due to his mentor's (L A Reid) horrible mistake in picking up an unsuitable song for him and true to Simon Cowell's critic, it really brought him to the sing-off. I am wondering what's L A's after thoughts for his protege's knockout. He should have known better than to pick a dull and boring song. As for Diamond, I have to say that she really sang her heart out and deserve to go into the last 6. However, she certainly did not deserve to be in this sing-off because I felt that Emblem3 should be in the sing-off instead. News release later has it, that there was a hitch with the phone and online viewer voting where the system had rejected the votes after the show where the voting lines were opened for voting. What a time to breakdown and such unfairness. Anyway, I suppose this is why the show is so exciting to watch where anything can happen. Great singing again by Carly Rose Soneclar and for a 13 year old, I have to say that I am really impressed with her performance. The other deserving mention would have to be the runner up - Tate Stevens who is really a country gem whose voice is simply astounding. I wish that either of them or better still, the both of them would be able to win the competition. All the best.
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