Health insurance ! Medicare ! Do you have any of this?

United States
December 2, 2012 7:04pm CST
I am a American from the day I was born. But I grew up in Germany went to school there worked there. In Germany everybody has health insurance from the day you are born till you die. I had six surgerys over there and didn't have to pay for it. When I moved to the USA to take care of my dad I lost that . Two month later I already had a hospital bill from $6000 because I had to stay one night in there and a cat scan. A year later I broke my ankle but I refused to go to the hospital my hubby made a cast for me as good as he could I applied for Medicare and after three years waiting for my hearing they deny it, even that I told that I don't want money just that I can pay my doc. And my meds. For someone who grew up with a health system like in Germany it was very hard for me to believe that I don't get any here! Cause I worked in Germany I get my disability from there and I thought I could buy me some kind of insurance but cause I had cancer years ago only two company's offered me a insurance what I can't afford ! I am wondering how many people are without insurance and what do you do to handle it?
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• Philippines
3 Dec 12
i have stopped working in a company now and i continue paying for my health insurance and social security insurance, it was my company which first paid for my remittances, but now i am paying it voluntarily or as a self employed. it is one thing i believe i cannot do without someday when i grew old, i am also paying for my social security, it will give me pension when i become senior citizen, at least i wont be a problem to my family if ever i grow old and be disabled.
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• United States
3 Dec 12
Yes that is right I thought I could do that too at least buy me a Heath insurance but I was very wrong with that