New Years Resolutions 2013

December 2, 2012 8:50pm CST
As scary as it is that we have so quickly reached December 2012, its already time to start thinking about us switching calendars to 2013, that is if you don't believe the 'end of the world!' nonsense! By now you've probably all been thinking of things you really want to do next year - whether it be habits you want to reform, concerts you want to attend - whatever you like! Have a good think and let us know who you think they may be. I'm going to be completely honest and say that I have a bit of a gambling problem which has left me in debt a few times this year. I know its a habit that I will stop and I'm not waiting until January 1st, I'm already stopping it from today - I simply haven't the money to gamble! On top of that, next year will be the year of the saving. I haven't many savings and I'm in a dangerous situation where I'm only on a year contract on an apprenticeship and cannot see myself in the same job when it ends. I will promise to save up as much money as possible. On a nicer side, I will leave my country (England) for the first time in around 10 years next summer on a cheap coach holiday to Germany with a friend - I will make sure to book it up and sort out my passport in January - it'll be my only big spend of the year!! They're the top choices I will make. What are yours?
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@trisha27 (3498)
• United States
9 Dec 12
I've actually already started on my new years resolution. I figured, I'd end the year off great and start it off even better. First though, I think that your resolution is to stop gambling. You could definitely save money like that with just something as simple as not gambling. I think I will have to add to my resolution of saving money. We hardly save our money, all we ever do is spend it the moment we get it. But on top of that, I want to attend church more, pray more, and spend time reading my bible. Try to spend more time with my family and keep in contact with them as much as I can and just go from there. I hope you stick to your not gambling thing though.
• Philippines
4 Dec 12
That's good for you. Gambling is not as bad as they think, maybe, you just do it moderately, not all the time. But, if you wanna stop it really. I hope you can do that because once it became an addiction, it is very hard for it to stop. Well, congratulations in advance. :) This is the last month of year 2012, and 2013 is coming, I haven't still think of my new year's resolution. But anyways, I still have 26 days to go to think of it! More positive vibes , love and peace to all myLotters!!!
@Iriene88 (5352)
• Malaysia
3 Dec 12
It is good to hear that you have decided to STOP gambling. I encourage you to stop it and focus on something more REALISTIC and Enriching. My father was a very well paid worker during his time, but due to his gambling habit, he gambled off every penny he got from his salary. TODAY he is 91 years old with zero saving. He got no house and no property. Thank God he got obedient children who gave him his monthly expenses. Recently he got a fall, and admitted in the Government Hospital. Gambling have stolen so much from him, his wealth, his youth and his time. My 2013 resolution is still in the making. I would like to have more quality time with family and love ones. Perhaps Viva La Vida will be one in the list too.