Diamaonds as an investment

December 3, 2012 6:00am CST
Using diamonds strictly as investment/earnings instrument is relatively new to me. You can google for more detailed information on diamonds, if you like. Some experts claim that over the decades the price of the diamonds is stable and always going up with a relatively constant growth percentage. There are companies that distribute this kind of investment, using MLM (multi level marketing). For instance DIC (Diamonds International Corporation). As an average Joe, I am not looking toward this kind of instruments, because you must possess a diamond for a few years to get real profit from it and you need to invest/have more. They claim that you can start with a small investment, but if you want to get details of their know-how, you must go to their presentation and all that stuff. I won't go any further discussing a particular company, because I do not want to advertise them. I'd like to know, what do you, guys think about the diamonds an investment and do you think their price will grow forever since their availability is decreasing around the world? If you had or already have some free funds, would you invest them in such an enterprise?
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