Ever had a dream and though "That would make an EPIC book/ movie!"?!

December 3, 2012 1:08pm CST
I don't often have dreams, but when I do I can't help but think how barmy and fantastical they are. I've decided to buy a notebook so that the next time I dream of something amazing I can write it down. The last one I remember having was some strange dream set in a future world, where there was some kind of competition happening between teams from different countries (this was around the time of the Olympics) but it went really weird and at one point there was a ride that suddenly fell on its side and crashed and the whole thing turned into some kind of disaster movie. It was like a mix between the Hunger Games, Zombieland and I don't know what...very hard to explain!! Any amazing dreams you want to share, or have you ever written about one you had because it stood out so much? Any idea what brought you to the dream?
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3 Dec 12
Dear Flutterbymusic, A Person dream of anything which he has be thinking or watching or wanting to do , a dream is considered as another world .. There are some many strange and amazing facts about dream as well and yes most of the people forgot the 90% of the dream while waking up and the other 10% of dream part is also lost from memories after sometime .. It is a good idea that you want to note your dreams ..Any accomplishment made by you yet ? And dream are all the thing going in you mind all day long .. Happy Mylotting Take care .
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3 Dec 12
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Well yes u are definitely correct, we all watch dreams every day but it is too hard to remember what we had watched in our dreams. Some might be scary, fantasy or could be from your own life. I am happy to hear that u recently saw a dream of a fantasy world and i am sure u would have enjoyed it but the disaster that occurred at the end might have spoiled your dreams. I think may be u should write all the dreams somewhere since u are getting different kinds of dreams. What say?