Gloomy day

December 3, 2012 11:26pm CST
Today is a perfect day to stay home and just lay in the couch and watch tv. I miss the rain. I love it when trees get wet after months of being deprived from water. The smell and the feeling when the cool wind touches my face, it's very soothing. I wish everyone to be safe from the typhoon that's going to hit us this afternoon.
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@lizzyt2007 (1312)
• Craig, Alaska
4 Dec 12
I live in a rain forest part of Alaska. It rains here a lot in the winter and some in the summer. we got hit a lot today. It was nice for a few minutes then it hard with rain. Its still rainy and very windy now. I am in the warmest part of alaska that is in the winter. summer is warm to cool. we get kinda extreme winds here but no typhoon's.
4 Dec 12
Where I'm from, if there's typhoon most part of the city will be flooded. I've never experienced snow, the coolest weather here is during typhoon with very strong wind. Hope all is well. :)
@Iriene88 (5352)
• Malaysia
4 Dec 12
On this side of the earth, we had sunny day in the morning. Heavy rain in the evening. At times the rain started early. So, we have to watch over our clothes that were put outside to dry. We pray for the safety of everyone and well wishes for the coming Christmas.
4 Dec 12
Thank you! hope you'll have a very merry christmas. The expected typhoon will hit us later tonight. I'm crossing my fingers now, hoping it will not flood.
@betty1989 (752)
• China
4 Dec 12
Oh, amaming. Typhoon will hit your country in the afternoon. You'd better stay at home for the sake of safety. Did government take any precautions? Or is there will be heavy rain in your country? hope everyone woll be fine in your country/
4 Dec 12
We've been warned for signal number 2 storm. No heavy rain yet or strong wind. Hopefully the sun will show up tomorrow. I hope the government is prepared for whatever may come up.