how about mylot security?

December 7, 2012 2:09pm CST
hi friend.. this discussion just for all staf and user in mylot only. Whenever i remember that mylot will give me some of his money just for my activity, i also remember about these quest who always hide in my head. "if mylot will give the money to the 'people', the 'people' will get the money by their own activity" the 'people' signing up to mylot and they will get the 'chance'." the fact is mylot doesnt know is the 'people' are the real human or just a 'bot' since mylot only has a form of information about his 'people'. a bot can make ten, hundred, and over 1000 or more discussions and responces. And then the 'bot' will get the lot of money in mylot with easy. How can mylot safe his site from this case? I hope you can give me your answer, if you dont, just give your opinion about mylot security. thanks..
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• United States
7 Dec 12
I don't think a bot can mylot and make all that money for starters.
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• Indonesia
12 Dec 12
@sajujohn (1009)
• India
8 Dec 12
Hi friend, I have never thought of such a problem that can occur in Mylot. Anyway since you mentioned let me give a small think to it. In my opinion bots can do so but they have to be made with some 'intelligence' as you said. But what 's the use creating such a bot with some huge investment and time for earning this samll amount of money. The other point is related to the comment that one of my friend had here earlier; that is a bot cannot read a discussion and comment to that. Also I think so. But in this world of newest technologies it's also possible but you might have to change the algorithm of bot frequently,since there are thousands and thousands varities of discussions here. Therefore in my opinion for making money here, it is better to respond ourselves than relying on a bot.
• Indonesia
10 Dec 12
i will save your answer, to others: any more?
@mysdianait (64213)
• Italy
7 Dec 12
Bots don't have sentiments and arguments. They don't flame others or spam their links either. We are all real people here with original thoughts and ideas and this is possibly one of the very few sites where there is absolutely no place for a bot.
• Indonesia
12 Dec 12
so you can set the bot for the sentiment