TV shows with twisted but likable characters like Dexter?

@mjcookie (2274)
December 8, 2012 5:27am CST
I find myself getting hooked with TV shows whose main characters are those with a pretty unconventional way of thinking like House and Dexter. I just finished Season 4 of Dexter and cannot wait to get myself a copy of the fifth season (I know, I'm two seasons behind, but I like it that way because I don't want to finish the whole thing too soon and move on to another TV show. ) The reason I'm in love with them is because despite the evil that is their character, House being rude and sarcastic and Dexter being, well, a murderer, they still possess qualities inside that make them candidates for our sympathy. Can you suggest any other TV shows like these? I heard Breaking Bad and Californication are good, but what are your thoughts?
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@ctryhnny (3463)
• United States
8 Dec 12
OH, I had to cut my cable bill down so had to get rid of premium channels so cannot watch my favorite program Dexter! I think he's basically a good guy with a problem his father is responsible for. I'm not sure about the 2 you mentioned because I've never seen them.
@mjcookie (2274)
• Philippines
9 Dec 12
Yes, that's why he's still perfectly likable despite the blood in his hands. And he's hot. LOL.