New Youtube Layout?

December 8, 2012 5:49pm CST
Hey guys, what do you think of the new Youtube layout system? I kinda found the channel to be rather dull and boring in the new one they created I much preferred the old version but the home page isn't that bad considering they changed it again. I just wanted to know what you think?
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@ltpotter (177)
• United States
9 Dec 12
I just hate the new layouton Youtube. Youtube always fines more ways to demean themselves.
@devonavis (1857)
• Greece
9 Dec 12
Hi! I prefer the old version lay out too. I just find the new version not cool, but maybe because I'm not yet used to it. Maybe I have to discover the new features and see what is in there, I believe the admins are not going to just change something about the site for no significant reasons.
9 Dec 12
The problem is they only just changed it to a new one which I've just gotten use too but now they've changed it again! At least make the channel design a bit better hundreds of people have been complaining about it but sadly no change :(
@Visdude11 (212)
• Norway
9 Dec 12
I got really dissapointed when I saw the new youtube layout :( I think the new one is boring, and way too white. I liked the old one a lot better, and I hope that they will get so much negative feedback that they will change it back. This is something I really look forward too, and can only hope for. This was my opinion :)
• United States
6 Jan 13
I didn't really watch YouTube very much until the past year. I don't notice the layout when I'm there to find a music clip, watch a video for work or check out a friend's channel for her food blog. So long as it doesn't interrupt what I'm doing, I have no problem with it.
• Philippines
13 Dec 12
I don’t like it nor hate it; I am not really particular with the layout of the site regardless of the old or new layout. I like using the program because it lets me watch my favorite videos for free. However, we really can’t blame YouTube over their site maintenance, because they want to improve their site more and with it they also make some changes in terms of their layout and physical features. What we do is just conform to it since we are no YouTube admins. We just conform to it whether we like it or not.