coping with homesickness

September 5, 2006 1:54am CST
have you ever fely homesick? how did you deal with it?
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@tishabest (602)
• Belgium
12 Sep 06
I suffered so much from homesickness when I moved thousands of miles from my family 12 years ago. I cried all the time at first and wanted to go back home. But gradually I got accustomed to my new environment by getting involved in all sorts of activities and started to enjoy.
@Mwanza1 (345)
• Kenya
9 Sep 06
doesn't exist in my dictionary...
• United States
7 Sep 06
First time I left my family and came to USA for school, I got homesick called my parents in Japan everyday even though it was my decision to come to USA to study. Few weeks later, I realized that I am getting busy with my friends and with school, and I didnt have a time to cry. If you find a friends and have time to do something different everyday, that will help out. I had few Japanese student in my high school so that helped too.
@cyrux004 (949)
• India
6 Sep 06
Try spending most of the times with friends. Being isolated makes you homesick
• United States
6 Sep 06
I surly had this problem. the first 2 years i moved to Miami. I had plane tickets every 2 months for us to go back. I suddenly got a job and it slowly got better. I have been here 6 years and only get this way during xmas. Last year I went to NY. After getting there in that cold I know I won't go back. it will pass soon. Don't rush it .
@maryannemax (12172)
• Sweden
5 Sep 06
do something which interests you. crosstitching, watch movies, read a book, write a poem, write a friend, surf the net. it's natural to miss people. but if it's for the greater good, then, it's nice of you to risk being away from family and friends. you;ll soon get used to the situation. difficult at first, but with enough "will", you'll get going!