How to get youtube viewers?

By Alam
@peferble (149)
December 9, 2012 11:45am CST
I uploaded a video on my youtube account. But now i want to get huge viewers. Is there any tips or tricks to get viewers.
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@mutchy126 (317)
17 Dec 12
There are countless ways to get viewers on video's, here are a few: -Share on Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter) -Tell family and friends -Put up flyers -Use a good Title, Description and Tags.
• Philippines
11 Dec 12
Sharing contents on various Social networking sites is a good strategy to traffic your YouTube contents. You can simply share your YouTube video link over your Facebook or Twitter account and share them over your social media’s circle of friends. It can generate some decent view counts. Another basic way is to have your video links to embed on various blogs or even your blogsite, so that once you have viewers on your blog, they can also see your video uploads over YouTube.
@IAmNena (178)
• Philippines
11 Dec 12
I suggest you type in as many tags as you can,by putting tags is the way for youtube viewers to find you, and your audience depends on how interesting your video is.If you're aiming for massive views like thousands or millions, make sure your video is very interesting or something that really helps,you can even earn by this if you're a youtube partner. I suggest to get many viewers is to put tags as much as you can and be descriptive as possible.
@ltpotter (177)
• United States
10 Dec 12
You are going to want to post it to all of your social media. That is always a quick view. But my next tip and maybe the biggest. Post comments on videos similar to your video. Then try and become buddies with him. Now you know someone who else is on youtube and they like your videos.
@Bionicman (3967)
• Czech Republic
9 Dec 12
Depends on what kind of video it is. Try to post it on some forum if the content is related if that makes sense with the content. Or you can post a video to response to other video and they will see it while they watch the first vid.