best sister in the world!!

December 10, 2012 2:20am CST
There maybe times when we fight, call each other names, pull each others hair and tell how much we hate to have each other around. But the truth is that I can't even dream about living without her. If my life would be a puzzle, she will be the most important piece of it. My life would be incomplete and unfulfilled jigsaw without her. She is my strength provider, she is the one who inspire me when I am down. She makes me happy every time I'm sad. She is my little princess. I can do every thing for her. And I am a proud older sister of her. She is my one and only sister that I have, and I am thankful to God that I have her. So if you have a sister please do love them, they will be the one who will never turn their back on you when you needed them. ****I smile because she is my sister, I laugh because there is NOTHING she can do about it. nyahahahaha:DDD
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@prashu228 (25811)
• India
10 Dec 12
You are lucky and sweet too. God bless your relation. Unfortunately i don't have a sister. But when i see my friends who have sisters and their relation i feel for that.
• Philippines
10 Dec 12
thank you very much for that :)) but i guess you have a brother?? :)
@devonavis (1857)
• Greece
10 Dec 12
I think you are such a sweet sister. You care for your sister so much and you are proud to be her older sister. I think every brethren should be like you. Well, I feel the same way with my younger brother as you do.:)
• Philippines
10 Dec 12
thank you so much for your complements.. we are so lucky that we have a brother/sister.. am i right?? :)
@Archie0 (4669)
25 Jan 13
What a coincidence. I am an elder one too and yes i have this sweet little parrot in my life who is very sweet as well. I love her a lot. There are times when she thinks she is over smart and acts weird. We fight, we are on the edges to kill each other. We both live together and our parents stay away from us, so it is we both only to share everything. But she never shares her boyfriend stories with me and that what annoys me. I am worried she should not do something wrong. But i love her and we are best friends. I don't have anyone as a friend except her. Lucky