…it seems to be a logical idea at that time.

December 10, 2012 6:57am CST
I guess, it’s a manner of perspective but sometimes, when we make a decision on the spot, we try to choose the logical, practical way to do things and perhaps, save the trouble later in the future. But I guess even with the all the positive and considerations in mind, we still manage to unpredict the future. I guess this often happens to me when I’m shopping. I think every female I know has an excuse to buy more clothes and giving themselves reason to buy one more item. Of course, they try to be practical and logical about it but even that also fails. Any experience where you thought it was logical choice but ended up as not?
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@ruffabee (145)
• Philippines
14 Dec 12
yeah, of course. when we are going to decide on whatever we want to decide, it is very efficient, effective, and the best way to think logically and technically as well. it is indeed hard to decide, but when when we think of the conswquences of our decision, it will result in more logical matter without any inconveniences.
• Philippines
20 Dec 12
I also agree.But sometimes,hindsight in the past is really something worth remembering although it will be slightly comfortable.
@Mavic123456 (15224)
• Thailand
10 Dec 12
Yes, it happens, no one is spared for wrong decisions and regretting in the end. and It is just as bad as impulsive buying. Once I thought that buying this wonderful cute and sexy shoes from a reputable brand will give me glorious feeling when I walk. but then when I was wearing them, they just irritated my feet. so I was not able to use the shoes anymore. too bad. waste of money
• Philippines
11 Dec 12
I agree with you.most of the time, it was wasting money rather than the supposed thinking that it is an 'investment'. Of course, it was really a good buy at that time. I guess in a way, they are off to a garage sale when I have the chance to sort them all out and take the chance that someone will find it better for them than for me.
• Kenya
18 Dec 12
I too guess that its a manner of perspective that happens to every folk under the sun.No matter how practical and logical it may seem at that time ,even kings and leaders can't escape from this Goliath enemy of wrong decision making and regret.