Litter alternatives

@angie828 (226)
United States
December 10, 2012 2:27pm CST
I have 8 cats and am constantly changing litter. I use clay litter and have also used the pine litter bedding that hampsters use. I really like this but it makes a huge mess in the house. What are some good aternatives to these that will make my wallet happy as well as my home not so stinky and my cats pleased? I am currently buying a few bags of the clay a week and would like to cut back on it.
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@ctryhnny (3463)
• United States
11 Dec 12
8 cats? how do you afford to feed them? I have two and it's hard to keep up with buying food. I have found THE best cat litter and it's a good price. It's Scoop Away Multi cat. Once a month I buy a 34 pound box which lasts me at least a month if not more. I buy it online and only pay $12 for it. It's clumping and scented and does a great job. I won't buy any other kind.
@deazil (4546)
• United States
11 Dec 12
How many litter boxes do you have? Scoopable litter, I think is the best. I have had up to 5 litter boxes and 7 cats but the house didn't smell. Try buying scoopable litter when it's on sale. And as someone else said, baking soda helps with the odor. Maybe 911Ricki or ElicBxn will drop in and give you some advice. They're the experts on this kind of thing. But I think the clay litter is your major problem. If you only have 2 or 3 litter boxes that might be a problem, too. More might be better. They wouldn't get filled up so fast and might be easier to clean if there wasn't so much in them. Are the cats tracking the litter around on their paws? You can buy special mats to put in front of the boxes. The mats have ridges or bumps on them so when the cat walks on it their paws kind of spread out and the litter falls onto the mat. I use these. I also have covered litter boxes so when they dig in the litter it doesn't go flying all over. I also found this old mylot discussion Hope this helps a little.
@911Ricki (13602)
• Canada
11 Dec 12
I know your feeling, I have 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and 1 rabbit. My parents have 10 cats, and 2 dogs so the litter is being used rather often. They use clay litter, and wont change so as long as I live with them they wont change it. But changing your cats litter often can cause issues, and stress to them. Working in a pet store, I see many products come through you can have pine pellets, paper pellets, pine shavings, Walnut, wheat, and similar products. If you are using the animal bedding shavings, make sure it's aspen bedding nothing else. The fumes, and oil can cause respiratory problems with cats, and small animals. I use Yesterday's News for my rabbit (as he goes in a kitty litter of his own). It's paper pellets, and it soaks up the pee, and the stink. I have also tried pine pellets, whcih the cats didnt like, I have tried shaven pine, and again they would touch it. I have used World's Best cat litter which is similar texture, and size of the clay but healthier for them, and not as dusty. It's more or less trial and error to see what you cats will use and wont use. While I use the clay we scoop everyday, and then usually dump them once a week if needed. We have about 15 cat litters in the house (not including the small animals).
• United States
10 Dec 12
We use arm and hammer for our 3 cats. The scoop away is really good. helps with the smells. we also sprinkle baking soda on the litter. Arm and hammer is good at clumping. scoop away is not. You can also get some kitty sprays that help with the smell