Are you comfort with a riot?

@fchalida (196)
December 11, 2012 7:43pm CST
At the first time was some demonstration just want the government to raise the salary per month. They were went to industrial area, asking other worker to join demonstration They waiting at the road, so it made the road stuck. My husband waiting so long at office bus, so decided to go home by friends car, of course asking her to go home together. After my husband at home, some of his friend inform him, that the demonstration concusses the bus, that's made the people inside frightened. Thanks God my husband already at Home. This days already three days from that moment, already three days factory was off. Just Imagine how much loss money in the company??? Are you have same experience with my husband? please share with me....
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@matersfish (6311)
• United States
13 Dec 12
I'm happy your husband is okay. A lot of these protests do quickly devolve into riots, with people just breaking things and hurting whomever they wish. It's herd behavior that quickly envelops everyone. We've had similar situations here recently. The OWS movement was just some peaceful protesting at first, even if it was nasty due to people volunteering to be homeless. But it quickly morphed into damaging personal property, keeping businesspeople from going to work, and even harassing little kids. When the mob gets together like that, the mob doesn't care what the mob hurts. It just wants to be a mob.