A walk to remember

@xoxo19 (13)
December 12, 2012 12:41am CST
This movie is a very good one, it shows us that the true meaning of love doesn't depend on the physical appearance but on the inside (attitude). We saw how Jaime changed Landon into a very different person. A person that believes in God and that love really exist. The end may be tragic, but it teaches us a lesson that we will never forget, that love will come in a very unexpected time.
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• Canada
30 Apr 13
It is one of my favourite movies of ALL times. I have probably watched it over 100 times and everytime, i get teary. from dialouges, to the acting is just phenominal. To be honest, even though they were just acting, i could totally see the love between the charachters, and months after my break up, when i was digusted with the word love, i watched this and it gave me hope(wasnt intending for the pun). This movie changed me in alot of ways. Love it!
• United States
20 Apr 13
This movie is a must see. I like the way the movie shows how when two people come together they can change one another. I also hated how they had very little time together, but it has many life lessons that no one will forget.
• China
2 Feb 13
haha, it's so great and i have been looking for some good films and maybe this one is great becuse i love its name, a walk to remember, seems it has a profound meaning and this film must be as well meaningful. Just can not wait to check it out and thank you
@czhey21 (55)
• Philippines
16 Dec 12
It gives us the most tragic and painful hardships of our lives. But in turn We also receive the greatest gift God has given us and that's love. Through faith Jamie Lives her remaining days on earth the best way she knows how to by not giving up on h love for God. Through love, Landon mends his broken relationship with his father for Jamie's sake. Through a miracle, Jamie's father lives on after the losses of the two most important people in his life - his wife and his daughter.