Has anyone heard of this company?

United States
December 12, 2012 2:03am CST
I just received a check from, "jetBlue ImageMartCorp.com" With the check is a letter explaining that I'll have to perform some mystery shopping tasks the check is to cover my fee and purchases I'll need to make. I have to "activate' the check to see what tasks they're asking me to do. I've done Mystery shopping before, I've never been paid first. I'm not opposed to being paid first, but I don't recall signing up with this company and they don't have much of a website other then a site where we're to sign in and enter info from the letter to see what the assignments are. I can't find any information on the company to check it out before handling this check that may or may not clear. I called the number and got a recording. I didn't call during business hours, but even if I call again and get a person I don't know that I"ll be able to get any more information then I've gotten from this letter or their site. (which doesn't say anything) So has anybody heard of them or know anything about ImageMart Corp?
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• United States
12 Dec 12
I would tear the check up and throw it away. I did a search of the domain name's registration information and found out that they registered it on November 29, 2012. The registration information is privacy protected. In my experience, that's not something that legitimate companies normally do when they register a domain. You might be able to call the bank that the check is supposedly being drawn upon and find out if the account really exists. I personally wouldn't bother with it, because it's a very common scam. If you don't remember signing up with them, you probably didn't.
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• United States
12 Dec 12
Thanks for the research! Wow, November 29, 2012? thats not even a month ago! The instructions are similar to the ones mentioned in the scam alert advice. Once the check is "activated" and I guess if I were to go further and agree to the "assignment" I'd have to do it within 24 hours, so I'd have to have "cash in hand" when I complete "accepting the assignment". Or I guess i would be "disqualified". But then I would still have the money they sent, which is almost 2000, so I'm pretty sure a company wouldn't risk "paying" someone for a task their not sure they'll do at all, let alone within the time frame.
@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
18 Dec 12
I would suggest you to stay away from such a site which seems very suspicious.
@j6face (67)
• Malaysia
13 Dec 12
clearly a scam by mile.
@syoti20 (5295)
• Philippines
12 Dec 12
Base from the comment of the two responder the site is scam. So better stay away from them. If you make a good investigation about the site and their propaganda.