Why most Asian women are skinny? especially with chinita eyes

@nat1_ong (150)
December 12, 2012 5:46pm CST
I admire most Koreans, Japanese and Chinese women in regards to their figure. Do you have any idea what they drink? Is it because of the tea? What kind of carbohydrates they drink? What are the foods they eat for them to stay with their slim figure.
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@benchao (43)
• China
14 Dec 12
I don't think this women's figure is very good, because they not only drink somethings,but their gene and environment,if you want to know what they drink,I think this 3 countrys women are diffrent drink,i am chinese,i know our women don't like to drink tea,just drink sweet water,eat rice and wheaten food.
@Shavkat (66825)
• Philippines
13 Dec 12
It is the genes, but some people claimed that it is because of their lifestyle. When I was China, green tea is one of their secret to stay slim. In Korea, young girls do have diet regimen. I've known some Koreans, they do have diet. One of my student long time before knowing her secret, she only eats the white part of the egg in one month. The result, she so slim but the skin appeared so pale.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
13 Dec 12
Asians that you have mentioned have a different lifestyle compared to Filipinos. The difference is their choice of food. Mostly they eat vegetables unlike the Filipinos who would have meat than eat vegetables, not unless they do not have enough money to buy meat. They have the discipline in the right kind of food that they eat. And also, they have been trained to walk going to and from the schools and offices since they were kids. So most probably that is how they are able to keep a slim figure.