Astral Travel

December 12, 2012 6:32pm CST
Do guys believe that a person can do Astral Travel, honestly i want to share an experience similar to these, it was already late night when I get back to bed, just finished watching my favorite late night t.v. i went to bed but my mind is still awake, i manage to sleep tight cause I have lots of things to do for tomorrow we are preparing for our upcoming party for my younger brother's birthday so its definitely a one big tiring tasks to do, as I feel my self sleepy i just feel i was floating or something or maybe i was fully at rest during that time i was in full unconscious sleep between 2:00 - 6:00 morning i'm still on and on sleeping then I started to wake up i face the mirror and looking to myself then i open the door, i saw my mom cooking she is mincing the ingredients to be used, then i walk towards our living to watch movie i saw my second youngest brother already sitting and enjoying watching the movie then all of a sudden when i was about to sit in our sofa i feel i was bumped into a metal thing, then i felt like i was so awake then I realize i was still sleeping a not doing the actual thing that i thought i was doing but it was just a dream, it was the post of my double bed, so I wake and get out of my bed and look myself into the mirror, I open the door of my room and so boom!!!, my hearth is pounding in shock and full of confusions that I was totally about to be so exaggerated to say the things that had just happened in my dreams a while ago to my mom who is busy chopping the onions for our spaghetti dish, i was about to tell her but my mind tells me not cause its just something so unexplainable is not a big issue, so what i do is went to the living room still in confusion but its continuously putting myself into more intriguing confusions i saw my second youngest brother sitting down infront of our t.v. and watching the movie, i sat beside him and and when I sit i heard very loud noise outside our house its the motorcycle and a car that bumped to each other, the rider of the motorcycles almost crashed and thrown away to our neighbors fence, he was rushed into the hospital and received a bruises and scratches to his arms and a bleeding wound on his head, still up to now i can't believe i don't know if this case also happens to others, anyone of you guys have similar experiences, please share them.
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