Our Savior

December 13, 2012 3:50am CST
GOD,the almighty king. Our Father. Our Savior. Our light when there is darkness. We should thank him for waking us up every morning,thank him for the wonderful day,thank him for the blessings we had,thank him for our safety,thank him because we are Alive! I 'm always wishing for something. Something that I didn't thought it would be possible with GOD. It's proven. But we should also say thank you for what he is giving to us. And say sorry because we are having a sins. Some only walk in GOD if they have problems or they have their wants. But,is that all? You only come to him when you're going to wish for something? We should thank him and say sorry for all our bad doings.
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• China
13 Dec 12
I know GOD is always around me. I should live up to his expectations. But I really agree with you to a certain extend. We are not living for GOD, but GOD will be happy if we live better.
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@dee777 (1418)
• South Africa
13 Dec 12
God is gracious and kind to all mankind. He knows us and will never expects the impossible from us, but I am sure that He wants to be involved in our daily lives. Take care.
@else22 (4319)
• India
13 Dec 12
WELCOME TO MYLOT. You are absolutely right.God has created all of us and He is our savior.We should always be thankful to Him for what He has given us and for saving us from all troubles and sins.He has provided us with a conscience that can discriminate between good and bad,right and wrong.Now if we fail to use our conscience,God saves us if we surrender ourselves to Him.I agree with you.
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@rosekiss (30268)
• Eugene, Oregon
25 Feb 13
I think you are right, that we only call on Jesus when we need help with something as we feel that is the time we need him. that certainly isn't true, as we need him always, even in the good times. We should all praise him even in the bad times, as he knows more what is best for us than we know. Oh, we think we do, but we don't. We also have a tendency to say he doesn't answer oru prayers, but he does, and not always the way we think he should. I know I am guilty of that myself. I get upset because i don't see the answer that i was hoping for, without realizing that I do need him and he he has answered my prayers the way he felt would be best fro me. thank you for this discussion, as it helps me to realize that he is there, if only we call on him at all times. Take care, and may God bless you.