December 13, 2012 1:51pm CST
In life, if you are happy at the morning sometimes you will get sad at the afternoon. Also, vice versa. Isn't it ironic, right? Because life is not that much unfair, but still it is unfair. Why are we can't just be happy all the time? Sad all the time? Why there is always the thing that you will feel both of it in one day? Or, why there is always sadness behind fun? Are there ways to lessen the sadness? What are the reason why do we feel it? Until, i'm still confused. Many people says that, "happiness will lead you to success." and for me, it is true. Why? Because if you are just happy what happened and what will going to happen in your life, many people will be proud of you. Nowadays, few people haven't trust in their selves. Just like what am I experiencing right now. Honestly, I don't have trust in myself. Because I think I'm already doing my best but it is not enough. I don't think what am I going to do just to gain the trust of other people. As I browse my twitter account, there is the quotation I read before. Saying, "you do not gain the trust of other people if you do not have trust in yourself." a little bit correct, right? If you let yourself showing to other people that you are happy, even if you don't gain confidence in yourself, you will get a lot of haters from them. Because, they didn't know you a lot. They just taught that you are happy and not encountering such problems like them, they will get jealous to you. And somehow, that is the number one reason that can help you to gain confidence in yourself. Because if you have haters, you will think that you are doing great in your life. Because they didn't hate you if there is no thing in your life to be hated. But the only person that can help you gain your confidence is only YOU.
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14 Dec 12
This is a great post for me right now, thanks for this inspiration! I usually feel very happy in the morning but in the afternoon feel sad and don't know why. I also get unhappy when I am not trying my hardest to follow my dreams. I know that I am doing more than half of the people out there, but I feel like I could try harder.
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• Guam
14 Dec 12
Based on others and my life experience, there are a lot of ups and down. I was once successful, then I was tested by life and really failed in my work, so I was kicked out and never worked anymore. That time, it was really so depressing. So, my initial emotion is very sad and blue. But after 3-4 months, I regained my emotions again and been very happy with my life right now. Me and my family moved out and turned away from my stressors in life. The test in my life made me strong and more positive with my life. Although, today I was not satisfied with some of the happenings in my life especially when you see fault from other group of people or people not giving you the best service available to compensate what you have gave. Then, you suddenly think that life is so unfair sometimes but Life seems to go on. You breath fresh air and still manage to do things that will make you as a person. Sometimes you worry a lot, but in life you must learn to stand up and have faith with the creator. Live simply but happy with the people around you.
• Philippines
13 Dec 12
Hi! Welcome to mylot! Nice discussion you started and even you are one of the new here, still you share your ideas about this certain issues you are having. Sweetie, life is not always like a bed of roses that we will encounter only happiness. Life is really challenging. I don't know when this dilemma of yours started. Maybe you just find yourself lacking... But why you are feeling unhappy because of others treatment to you? I analyze that you have haters and those haters put your self-esteem down. Please remember this, happiness is contentment and it is a choice. We feel happy because we want to and we feel sad because we allow it too. Never let your haters make you feel bad. Face the world with confidence and don't always bother yourself with bad thoughts...