Clarifications to Alternative Ways to deal with Health Issues

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December 13, 2012 2:59pm CST
I am making this post merely to rant about coming back to this site and doing what everyone else does- make comments, discuss things of interest, that sort of thing- but since I have time once again in my life, perhaps only for a few days till I am tied up once again with issues of life, I have made 2 posts (this will be my 3rd). Both dealing with alternative ways to deal with health problems. And I understand not everyone see's things the way I do, that is what makes for diversity in life. But why be negative about it? I have dived head first into essential oils which help with several health issues. There are natural oils that will slow down, hinder, and stop illness without going for the pharmaceutical drugs that are on the shelves theses days that don't seem to do anything more than make you drowsy, and waist your money. But there are those here who will shut out the idea of said oils. They mock them as "snake water" and laugh at the thought of using them. And that's all fine and dandy, but my question to those who mock them, what do you suppose people did way back when there was no pill to be had? No NyQuil, no Robitussin? No Airborne? They used what nature provided. They used the plant, and in the plant is the oil that they needed to help them. I say we should all get back to the natural ways of the world. Stop giving the pharmaceutical companies more money. I think it has become clear that the stronger the drug to kill a virus causes the virus to in turn become stronger so that it can't be killed. And its a vicious cycle. But what if we go back to the natural way of life? Using the plants that our ancestors used? I don't think there is any reason to be negative about that, do you? So what if I say "I have an oil for that?" Truth is, I do. Am I going to tell you to go to a website to buy it- Not in these posts. Is there other ways of getting said oils? Yes, grow a garden. That way you are helping yourself more than anyone else because you will have these plants on hand and it will help the Ozone, not only that, it will be cheaper than any thing else. So this is my rant inspired by a user here on mylot who thinks they know everything about everything. Who has shed a lot of negative light around. And I believe the reason for doing so is because of my number by my user name. 320 posts. Big deal. I don't have the time to sit in front of my computer all day every day to get over a thousand posts. I have been a member of mylot since 2007, but I have been busy. Life happens. And I am just trying to get to my roots- (pun intended)
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• Lenox, Georgia
13 Dec 12
I am not sure who is giving you negative comments and such but I completely agree with you. I have not really used oils but I do believe they work. Most likely better than medicine the doctor prescribes. Then again I am very anti doctor, they seem to think EVERYTHING I ever have or my kids have is a virus! Not everything is a virus!! It annoys me so much. More doctors have been WRONG than right! I take Colloidial Silver which also brings a LOT of haters about it. It is amazing, works so well! I take it for colds, boils, cuts, stomach problems, etc... All sorts of things! My husband asked a doctor about it a few years ago and we actually got kicked out of the hospital for asking about silver and the things it cures! Yeah, crazy! I don't think you should let one person keep you from being here with the rest of us. I personally like what you say here. I would definitely like to hear more about oils and such! I am always looking for more natural ways to help things instead of depending on a doctor!
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@eagletrek2 (5350)
• Kingston, New York
14 Dec 12
Hi you are right there is naturl way od healing i think the peope who give negtive might work in the pharmcy business or in the medecal feild for me I use raw apple cider vinger witht he mother in it and pure raw honey it to much to list to say what it des here ok have a good day.
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