Effects of Internet in our Life

December 13, 2012 4:29pm CST
Internet is a world connection for having many information, communicating, etc. Internet gave us what we want to see or read. Today, 70% who use internet are students. As a student, I prefer to use internet than going to library because it is the fastest way to help me in my studies. I search many information regarding to the topic in my homework or thesis. Billions of people use internet. One of the reason is the communication of their family, who are not in them. They communicate to their relative in other country just to say "how are you". Through internet, we will know what are their situation in other country. Many people prefer to use internet for online games. Many children are addicted to these so that they forgot to do their homework or study. Because of globalization, internet can also be used in business like endorsing our products. Not all the times internet are used in good ways, sometimes it is used in bad ways. Many people do crime in internet because they cannot be identified by police. They hacked many websites,etc. Some minor children addicted in watching many movies that are not advisable to them. Remember that Internet was given to us just to use it in good ways, not in bad ways. Teach our children not to abuse it. Internet was very helpful so that use it in proper way.
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