I'm Lazy

@NailTech (6890)
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December 13, 2012 4:38pm CST
I was told yesterday I just wanted to be lazy cause I was showing someone the proper way to do something with less spending, too. The person told me I wanted to be lazy. Really??? Is that why I was showing you how to do something most other people do that way I was showing/explaining to her? What world is this person living in anyways? Most if not all of the people I told about it have never heard of the way she does this thing and she had proof right in front of her how it was supposed to be done and yet I was "lazy"? I have had it, I spent 9 years of my life working with a 'crazy' person with dementia (paternal grandmother) and now this with others. Where did I go wrong? Why does God hate me so much? Then he lets b*tches and b*stards off with the bad things they do. I can comprehend life sometimes.
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14 Dec 12
You know what...I always try to find the easiest way to do something, no matter what it is. If my daughter is driving somewhere and I know an easier route, I sure as heck will tell her. That doesn't make me lazy at all... Just because you find an easier way doesn't mean you're lazy unless it's done wrong and sloppy. If I had a project to do and someone could show me the easiest way to do it, I'd sure listen. Sorry you have such strange people hanging around you. I don't get it. You would think they'd be happy.
@NailTech (6890)
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15 Dec 12
It is not lazy to find easier ways to do things especially if it is known as the norm these days. She is always ragging on my dad not saying things as they are called nowadays and yet she has a problem conforming to the new ways of the world now. Not that this is so new. I have even showed it to her in one of the estates we were in today and she said nothing at all about it. As if I just didn't say anything. Odd. I don't think she is a happy person, none of them really are here. I try to ignore them but they just bring me down with them. I wish so much to get out of this ridiculously absurd hel hole I am in one day and be free and happy.