How can i lose weight?

December 14, 2012 4:27am CST
i have this big problem. My size is getting bigger. and i'm ashamed of this. how can i lose weight? what will i do? i want not to be sexy but to be healthy.
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@Brave17 (23)
• United States
15 Dec 12
I'm also trying to lose weight. Have you tried exercising and avoiding junk food? For me I've managed a way to avoid junk food. I make myself really tired at night so I won't eat past midnight. If anyone at home would eat I try to stay away and sleep. Basically there are some things that can make a person eat - stress, boredom, etc. I try to listen to relaxing music to lessen my emotional pain or anger, or anxiety, loneliness. I think the best way is make it a personal goal to just dedicate your time to loosing weight by sticking to whichever methods that works. Hope you reach your goal :)
16 Dec 12
thanks. ΓΌ i tried not to eat but i became weak & i'm always out of my mind. maybe after christmas and new year, i'll lessen my food. hahahaha! its so hard to control. you know what i mean. hahaha.
@maximax8 (29138)
• United Kingdom
21 Dec 12
I recommend you improve your diet by eating less sugar and fat. Then you will feel more energetic. You could do lots of physical exercise like walking, running and dancing. I joined a sports center to go to the gym, swimming pool, health suite and dancing class. The dance class is enjoyable just like a party. I recommend you drink water. Good luck.
@Manasha (2326)
• Pondicherry, India
14 Dec 12
Losing weight is an option for strengthening our physique and nothing else. Lots of people try to lose weight but they do not succeed. You have to achieve the process by a lot of hard work