Excersize Bike Needed

@NailTech (6890)
United States
December 14, 2012 7:50pm CST
I wish I could have a new excercize bike here again. My mom fell over the other one and now she says no more here. As if it's my fault she was so clumsy on her feet. She was always telling me I was using the bike wrong, and I wasn't. I think the bike got mad at her and made her fall, ha. Seriously she is never ever happy with most anything I do or how I do it. She could drive you insane. She told me I should do it slow as if i was riding it on the street. That is not how you use one of those bikes and loose weight fast. I have always seen people use them in a faster pace. I don't know how many times she said it but I ignored her everytime. She never gave up, kept on nagging at me. The space where I had it was kind of cramped due to the other stuff from everyone else here. She is not that mobile either. One of my friends was so generous with me though and gave me $50 to help me get a new one cause we were both using one at the time to loose weight but didn't live closeby and I was generous with my time with her as well (online). I see many for sale at estate sales and the temptation is so high when I see the low prices.
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@kokomo (1868)
• Philippines
15 Dec 12
I love biking also.When I was still a kid I used to have one even if I am a girl. My playmate always teases me because they said I suppose not to ride in a bike instead I should play barbie dolls and other girly toys. I love biking and I also practicing the single hand and free hand. I just curse biking when I did have a scratch every time I do biking in a rocky road. lol.
@NailTech (6890)
• United States
15 Dec 12
If I had a real bike and a decent place here to ride it around I would do that instead. I am so tired of not enough room here for my things. I want to make things look better than they are but can't. I am in such a lousy position, trying to make the best of it.