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@ivan88 (193)
December 16, 2012 8:15pm CST
My concern has always been with the sitting position of this activity. A lot of kids just stay dormant, and they play games non-stop, gaining weight. Thus, once a friend of mine started selling a near-new Nintendo Wii to me, I purchased it from him right away. It was not only a great feeling because I helped out a friend. That system was made for a real workout, with the ability to measure your progress in losing weight, burning calories, stuff like that. It was very easy to get caught up in it. One word of advice - get yourself the advanced remote control termed "PLUS." Some more active games won't work with regular remote controls. One of the best precision games - "Ghost Recon." Other ones just include sport games - soccer, basketball, sword-fighting, racing, boxing. They're all a lot of fun in Wii. make sure you check the calories-burning mode on the regular basis - get sweating with Wii.
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@Otanetix (509)
• United States
17 Dec 12
Yes, playing video games can become an issue if someone spends endless hours without doing anything else. I can relate as a gamer, but I do not spend that many hours playing video games. I have other responsibilities which means I need to manage my time. People who do develop gaming addictions are the ones who have the highest risks for developing poor health habits. I have even heard some gamers develop poor social skills when conversing with non-gamers. I also have heard some people's gaming addiction is so bad they go a state of withdrawal when they are forced to stop gaming. Generally, while video games are fun, you should not let it control your life. Even though I am a gamer, there's more to life than video games. This probably sounds weird to the readers who consider themselves gamers, but it's the truth.
@ivan88 (193)
• Canada
30 Dec 12
Ahem... Actually, this conversation is about exercising and how great Wii is for that purpose, since you move around. Not about gaming as an addiction. Any thoughts on Wii? Ever tried it? Ever liked any games with the Wii system?
@squallming (1776)
• Malaysia
17 Dec 12
Most gaming console would have the gamers sitting there for hours playing it. Such console if used inappropriately, would lead to health problems and even risk of one's life. Nintendo wii enables the gamers to get up from the chairs, sofas and beds and move their body when they play the games. As you mentioned, nintendo wii provides a system in measuring the total calories burnt. This is a lot of video games fun and exercises at the same time.
@gloamglozer (1285)
• Australia
17 Dec 12
Yes, it can be a problem when people play video games for too long and don't get enough exercise. Its nice that technology allows us to play games and exercise in a fun way thanks to consoles. It's done almost a 360 turn and is breaking the mould that video games are just a stationary and inactive thing to do.