loooooove!!! mmmm...

December 17, 2012 5:02pm CST
I don't know what to say really about love cause I've never been in love to be honest, I'm searching for the love from the first sight, I admit that I'm a little dreamy but what can I say that's me, don't know maybe cause I've never been in love I'm thinking that way,I would like to have an incredible love story to share with my friends and my kids in the future,
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@lampar (7597)
• United States
18 Dec 12
Just don't feel despair just because you have never been in love before, or know what to say about love because you have no experience at all. It is perfectly fine you don't have a love story to share with your friends and kids now, you will definitely going to have one soon or later. Love sometime can come to you in the most unexpected way in your life or in the most unconventional way, even if you can't find it now after intense seeking for it either from first sight or love finder or matcher, you shouldn't get worry or anxious, it will be there if you give it enough time and the opportunity.
18 Dec 12
Well thanks for commenting Lampar, and thanks for the positive attitude it really shirred me up
@liezel25 (292)
• Germany
17 Dec 12
I think you got a high standards for your dream guy. love will just suddenly come into your way without knowing he's there. Because you know, love moves in mysterious ways. so dont stop dreaming and maybe soon you got a wonderful love story you can share to your loved ones.
18 Dec 12
Thank you liezel25 for replying, I do think that love may come around but I don't think that going to be soon cause like you said I have high standers for my dream guy cause anything could make me refuse him it can be from wearing the wrong clothes to saying the words