They are upset my animals can't open their stockings early

@911Ricki (13602)
December 17, 2012 9:43pm CST
I had told work and the shelter I could go in and feed the animals. At work we have a bird, and a cat tht needs to be fed, get an hour of work, while I go to the shelter for my regular shift. I am planning on being home by 1pm, or even earlier, but I want to clean their cages well, dishes, and so on (120 small animals so may take longer). My family doesn;t celebrate that much, we would normally get together in the morning have breakfast, normally I am working midnights, so come home and sleep till the afternoon, or working all day (this is the first year I have it off). So normally I get up have breakfast then leave coming home in the afternoon, and them just sitting there watching tv, and eating. So noone was volunteering for the shelter, and they can't not eat. My Dad goes well all your animals will have to wait to open their stockings, and how normally I buy them a toy to share, and my Dad puts it together and plays with them while I am away. I think he is sort of hinting about that, I told him he can give them their stockings just take pictures. They will climb in their stockings and pull things out.
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@Blondie2222 (22578)
• United States
18 Dec 12
Well that sucks your going to miss out on your animals opening their stockings but hopefully your family can record it on their phones or take pictures for you. That's nice your going to go in and help pout feeding the animals etc. Not many people want to work on holidays. I have monday and tues off so I'm looking forward to it, 4 day weekend heck yeah!
@SomeCowgirl (32270)
• United States
18 Dec 12
no video camera? I'd record it instead. Perhaps they can wait a little while though as I know that I'd want to be there to see that. I think your dad is just anxious to see the reactions of the animals to their goodies.
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
18 Dec 12
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Well i know how much love and care u have for the pets and that is the reason u find out ways to spend time and take care of them. I think u have got a very good support in your father who is taking care of the pets and i think u should manage time in such a way that u can take good care of the pets and convince your family members to care them when u are not at home. What say?