The older nanny has come...and oh my!

December 18, 2012 4:07am CST
I was pretty excited to meet the new nanny that my mother-in-law sent to us. They let her work at their house for a couple days to see how she handles housework before they brought her to us. So, she came and I was told that this woman is around 25 years of age. However, she looked even older than me. Probably she's around 35 to 40 years old. She lied about her age because she knows I would prefer a younger nanny. Anyhow, she's shown good skills in cleaning and keeping the house orderly for the first couple days she's been with us. However, we noticed that she would giggle and laugh by herself, even if she's not watching tv or doing anything. We were a bit taken aback, but we decide to just keep observing for now. Apparently, my in-laws didn't notice this because she was only with them for a couple days. But, their housemaids saw those awkward actions and only told them about it yesterday. Now, we're all concerned and I can't start working yet, because I don't want to entrust the kids to her fully, without being sure if it's really a good move to do so. What do you think?
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@caopaopao (10571)
• China
18 Dec 12
Hi, friend, I really agree with you , you must know her well if you want to entrust your kids to her fully. I know some nunnies who illtreat children, they even hit children when the small children's parents are not at home. You can monitor her with a monitoring equipment. I don't know whether it's a good idea, but I know some parents do like that. Hope she is a good nunny.
• Philippines
19 Dec 12
I just hope she won't do that to my kids. Well, I'll just be here in the house working, but there will be times when I have to leave the house for some transactions or events. Perhaps, Ill still ask my mother to supervise, just to be sure.