Over reacting to overreacting...hmmm

United States
December 18, 2012 11:38am CST
Everyone (umm..yeah...I'm not exaggerating!) is reacting to the madness of today's society. What can we do as one speck or dot on the planet to improve the quality of life. First of all, ask yourself, "Am I happy with my quality of life?" If that answer is no, then as yourself, "What would make me happy or make the quality in my life better." Betcha dollars to donuts the answer will be, "money." Money is what makes the world go around, right? Money is the ultimate answer to everyone's problems. Those who have lots of money, never have the same issues I do, right? Or do they? We live in a computer generated world. What is reality? What is not? Who is right (the internet is NOT allowed to lie..ppfffftt!)Who is wrong. My beliefs are not your beliefs, therefore which one of us is wrong? How I REACT to you is what makes my world go around. How I REACT to situations that occur in my life will bear impact on how I meet the day. If you react in hostility to my post, then I own you. I have had an impact on you. I got what I wanted. I got your reaction. I won. If I react to your reaction with same hostility, you have won. You own me. If you ponder my words and give voice with well thought out reasoning, we both win. I wanted you to think. That's all, just think about your life. People have this "knee-jerk" reaction to anything from Twinkies going under, to the needless devastation of lost lives from heinous crimes. And, yes. I react too. But how I chose to respond to my anger, or outrage is what matters most. Can I do anything about it (meaning past tense)? No. It's a done deal. I cannot change the course of nature, nor can you. I cannot turn back the hands of time, although I sometimes wish I had this power. All I CAN do is control my world. Control is the key element in reaction. I can control you by pissing you off. I can control you by making you laugh hysterically. What is my purpose? What is your purpose. I think that we need to get control of our own emotions, our own lives, before we attempt to control something outside. How many blogs, tweets, and comments have you read that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the subject line, but nearly 90% will FIND a reason to blame Obama, or global warming, or politicians in general, or gun control, or lack of God in one's life? I find these comments amusing. Initially, my reactions is "what an idiot." Then, I pause, and wonder, "why did s/he make such a comment?" What was the relevancy? Usually, an answer comes back to me that goes something like, "Best way to get a reaction is to place some totally inane and pointless chatter on a comment line, whether it makes sense or not." People will react. That's it...plain and simple. Get control over yourself. Do not let someone else control you. You have 3 choices in life. 1)You can accept it 2)You can change yourself 3)You can walk away. That's it. There are no other reasonable alternatives. If you react with hostility, I win. If you react with thought and an open mind, we both win. You will react. Who has won the battle.
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