Were still alive and survived a week with no internet LOL.

United States
December 18, 2012 3:30pm CST
After exactly a week we are finally back online. Our service provider had said something about it was a level 2 outage and over 300 people were effected by it. At first I was paniced because of my kids being home schooled and my online teaching job. But you know what we survived lol and the kids didnt die like they thought they was going too. lol. But you know it's kind of scary because it made me realize how much we rely on the internet even in the government what would happened if something happened globally to the itnerent. How many people would make it? It might sound funny and sound like a joke but seriously when you consider everything that is ran over the internet or done online what would really happen? The kids thought they were going to have a week off from school and I said nope you all are going to learn the old fashioned way like your dad and I did. They asked how was that? I said books and something called paper and a pencil and something else called your brain. LOL. Luckily I was still able to teach by phone. I think we all need to prepare ourselves in something would ever happen globaly.
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