And again Sharon is hurting one of her kids

@stealthy (8188)
United States
December 18, 2012 5:47pm CST
She is running off with Faith and thus taking her away from her father. In addition poor faith is suffering because she doesn't have her doll that she needs to go to sleep. I just hope that nothing really bad happens to Faith while Sharon has her. I can't relate to the needing a toy in order to sleep as a child since I never did and my sister, as far as I know, didn't either. But so many shows, etc. feature that I guess it is a common thing.
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@HomeBase (1054)
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19 Dec 12
Ahh, stealthy, how I have missed you (my Internet got cut off due to non-payment, a-hem, but we won't get into all that)... What I don't like is how Sharon is being portrayed as this nut-case, all of a sudden. I said this a couple of months ago, but Sharon used to be very sedate and chill, now she is just all over the place. And can one catch being bi-polar?? I just don't understand this story line at all. Nicholas should have known better than to leave Faith with Sharon, he knew better. This woman not too long ago just burnt down a house, and you're gonna leave her alone with a little girl? Come on. I don't care if it is her daughter.