Names on your Death Note

@chiwasaki (4661)
December 18, 2012 10:23pm CST
A Death Note is a supernatural notebook which is used by Shinigami to sustain their life. The purpose of the Death Note is to take Human life, thereby increasing the life of the Shinigami who uses it. If you will write a name on a Death Note, will you write someone on it knowing they will die? I know some people will do it out of revenge. Some will do it to eliminate bad guys.
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• Philippines
21 Jan 13
its bad =(
• Calgary, Alberta
11 Jan 13
Certain Politicians, members of the Illuminati and the cockroaches in my house, I am talking about literal cockroaches. I think a lot of my officemates will have the privilage and honor to be on the list as well. You know this world may need some population control. Maybe I should add Justin Bieber as well, i cant forgive him for covering and butchering the song lovefool by the Cardigans. He have no right to butcher that song/
@savypat (20246)
• United States
20 Dec 12
An interesting concept. I know many cultures believe there are forces that steal life from the living to maintain their own life force. Is Shinigami one of those? It sounds like that. Vampires are another of these beings. These are such wide spread beliefs one wonders if there is a truth at the bottom of them? One thing is true, there are individuals in the world who rob others of energy, they seem to feed off the pain and willpower of those around them. Many of our most famous leaders are known for this. Even the person who seems to come alive only in the presence of others, does this to some extent.
@franne32 (695)
• Philippines
19 Dec 12
I will surely write down the names of those people who have committed crimes towards their fellowmen. Of course, it will have to be those deranged ones that murder or rape people without any valid reason.