Organic Food For Our Healthy (Why Organic?)

November 22, 2006 8:53am CST
Hi, in the last 25 years, more than 200 American organic food pioneers set up thier own organic farm as they preached and lived a zero-pollution lifestyle. In reality, this marks the beginning of the organic food revolution. The meaning of the word “organic” is contradictory to the rudiments of a moren technologies, which may carry with them negative constituents that may hamper the health of human. Organic food principles hinges on going back to mature for the cultivation of plants, free form pollution in the enviromen, food, mental and society, among others. Organic principles are destined to be the 21 st century’s rpimary steering agents towards healthy living. Human begins in today’s civilisation should use the most natural organic farming methods in order to enjoy the basic health benefits as well as in fighting the new epidemics of these times. The natural healing philosophy states that “The best food is the best medicine, and the best food is organic food”. The natural healing philosophy banks upon the adoption of natural method to cure ailments. It is deemed that doctors are merely assisting the healing process. Such important methods will be, in the future, the basis for preventing sickness in future, especially those commonluyprevalent illness. If you realised that yur internal body system is vital for your health, then you should certainly adhere to the most natural form of lifestyles. This is what we call natural healing. Do you agree or not? I want to know every mylot member opinion.
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@HimArticles (1138)
• India
29 Nov 06
I agree with you in terms of our health concern. We cannot totally think about the organic farming or food at present situation. We have also experimented In India and still doing. There is not doubt about quality in organic food but the production is very low with organic farming. Today most of the people need food, quantity not quality. This is true for some developed country but underdeveloped countries can’t think totally. Can you imaging, the production of my apple orchard was about 500 boxes per year and last year we adopted the organic farming and the result was only 27 boxes. That’s way I am saying we can’t think totally.
• Indonesia
29 Nov 06
I think not 100% but maybe about 80% we must think.
@Idlewild (6094)
• United States
29 Nov 06
I like the idea of organic food, but I wonder if it's really better than food produced by other means.