Is it really possible for a boy and a girl to be just friends?

December 21, 2012 3:36am CST
My first girl friend approached me first and said she would love to be with me. That is exactly how it has been. Am single now and am not in a relationship, but its hard to resist the girls when they come around. I have never asked a girl out, it all begins by being just friend and suddenly turns out to be romantic one. I would love to have a female friend, but am scared, because it might lead to another relationship and I won't be able to say no. Is it really possible for a boy and a girl to be just friends and nothing more?
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@zuhair92 (10)
21 Dec 12
it is rarely possible.but most people fall in love with friend.
• China
21 Dec 12
it is possible, but when one has boy friend or girl friend, their relationship will become cold.
• United States
30 Dec 12
I think it is much easier for girls to be just friends with guys but harder for men. It seems that us guys usually want to be more than just friends when hanging out for a while. Girls seem able to separate those feelings better. Personally, I don't really see the purpose of having a female friend to just be friends. If there is no chance of anything romantic, I'd rather just hang with the guys so we can just be disgusting guys.
• China
23 Dec 12
T think it is possible. Some of my good friends are boys. They all have girlfriends and I do not like anyone of them. It is fun to chat with those guys.
• Philippines
22 Dec 12
It is possible. My sister's bestfriend is a boy and they are friends for as long as I can remember. We are even teasing them when we were in our teens but they did not fall in love with each other. They see each other as brothers and sisters and they are both married now and their children are becoming the best of friends.
• Jacksonville, Florida
21 Dec 12
It is possible, if there is no attraction involved... I was friends with a guy for years and we were honestly just friends. But I was not attracted to him and he was not attracted to me either so yeah we were friends and thats it. It can work if you really don't like each other in that way...