Going Nuts

@Carolyn63 (1403)
United States
December 21, 2012 9:15am CST
Yes, the world, but right now I'm referring to myself. My father in law is in the hospital in ICU. He went in Tuesday afternoon as he couldn't breathe. Mind you, he is stubborn and had a doctors appointment scheduled for later that day and was trying to wait on it though he was having trouble even with basic motor functions. His blood pressure was sky high. His temperature was high as well. They had to intubate him. They discovered congestive heart issues, his lungs were full of fluid and they had to put him on lasix. They also started a nitro drip. They have him sedated so he won't wake and go to trying to pull all the tubes out. The sedative, they said, is what caused his blood pressure to bottom out later that day. It dropped to 70/25! Wednesday morning it was low again. I don't know what the top number was but the bottom number was 40. Anything below 50 is really, really, really bad. They said he has a kidney infection but they aren't overly worried about that? That he has pneumonia and a lung infection. They said his vitals were stable and they weren't having to remove fluid anymore. But they still didn't have the results from his blood work and cultures. Thursday morning they said they had to change out the tube for some reason, but other than that he had a good night. Still no results from the lab. Last night he was beginning to get fluid around his lungs again. My sister in law placed her hand on his chest and could feel the rattle in his lungs. The pulminary doctor said everything looks good as far as his heart but they still don't know what has caused this. Still no test results. I'm going to call in a few minutes to see if there is anything new. Now, we are having to stay away because we are all sick. Yes, we are going nuts!
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@bunnybon7 (37902)
• Holiday, Florida
21 Dec 12
im so sorry. i will pray for you and your family please pray for me and mine because we have also all been sick and the kids have been having to run me back and forth to the doctors to find out whats wrong this time.
@Carolyn63 (1403)
• United States
26 Dec 12
Hiya Bunnybon, I hope this finds you feeling better? And I will of course add you and your family to my prayers. My husband and I are doing much better thankfully. Well enough that I finally went back to see my father in law for myself in ICU yesterday. I'm still rather worked up about what I saw versus what they are saying. So I'm going to bite my tongue for the moment so I don't get more worked up.