So whats the real deal with bux sites?

United States
December 21, 2012 1:01pm CST
Hey everyone! I joined the good old neobux website about six months ago BELIEVING I would make no money and even possibly lose some. That was June 2 2012 and I invested an initial 5$ just to get some rented referrals. I have never invested another cent since, and I currently am able to withdraw about 25$ a day from my main account. I was incredibly skeptical about the entire "bux" idea, but it seems in you can find the right sight and have a winning strategy, you can make it happen! Here are my personal tips and strategy on how to do this; best of all WITHOUT INVESTING ANY MONEY EVER 1. Sign up for neobux with this link 2. Start clicking! Click all available adds every day as well as completing any mini-jobs you may see available. 3.Save save save! It will take a few days to get enough funds in your main balance to begin renting referrals so you will want to the second you can. DON'T! This is where many make their first huge mistake. You need to wait until you have about $1 in your main balance before you buy your first pack of three referrals. 4. Manage referrals! Once you have a few referrals under your belt enable auto-pay. This feature allows referrals to automatically be extended as long as they remain active. As a guideline, I typically recycle all referrals I have what have an average of less than 1.8 and have not clicked within the last 4 days. This is milking your rented referrals till "the last drop" repeat the steps above until you reach 300 referrals. It will take a little while, but it will be so ridiculously worth it. After that you can purchase the golden member upgrade and your earnings literally double! Also your referral limit increases to 2000 :O Thanks so much for reading this I hope it helps. Again my referral link is Id very much love it if you'd join under me, but if not here is the general link :) Good luck!
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