So Lucy Coe owns 1% of ELQ

@stealthy (8188)
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December 21, 2012 5:40pm CST
Apparently Edward forgot about Lucy owning 1% of ELQ or some mistake was made. This must mean that his will actually left 99% of ELQ to be distributed as directed by the will. So that means Tracy controls 49 and 1/2 percent and AJ controls 49 and 1/2 percent assuming that Michael can get Carly to go along with that which to seems like a very huge assumption but AJ and Michael are acting like it will happen. So eventually Tracy and AJ will try to get Lucy's 1% or at least her proxy. So Lucy will want to trade her proxy for funding for the Nurses' Ball. Tracy probably has the resources to fund the Ball but AJ certainly doesn't and based on Monica having to mortgage the house to make AJ's bail, she doesn't either. So I just don't see how AJ can have a chance unless they conveniently forget about Monica not having the funds to post AJ's bail unless she is willing to mortgage the house again. But this seems to be the only way that Lucy would be able to help fund the ball and the only reason she would have mentioned owning the 1% when she was talking to Monica.
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@coffeebreak (17820)
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24 Dec 12
But if Tracy and AJ each had 41% and Sam gave them each 9%..that's 100%. How can Lucy have 1%? But you know they have to have some clincher. I think it will be enjoyable to watch them all fight about 1%. Lucy holds her own and is a force to be recond with... a funny silly force, but still holds her own! It should be fun! I hope she hires Maxie..those two together would be a blast!!!
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21 Dec 12
I just hope the ball gets funding so we can see some good things happening in the show. what I saw today made me mad so I did not rewind it to the beginning to see what I missed. I just deleted this stupid show.