Enjoying Life

@ZoeJoy (1395)
United States
December 21, 2012 10:22pm CST
How do you enjoy life? I find that it is the simple things in life that give me joy. I enjoy a quiet evening in front of the fireplace, listening to tranquil music. What brings you joy in life?
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@GardenGerty (105303)
• United States
22 Dec 12
I think right now the thing that brings me the most joy right now is having a day when I have no where to go and nothing I have to do, so I can just be at home.
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@roshigo58 (4871)
• Pune, India
27 Dec 12
Right now the most important thing in my mind is to shift to new place and live with our son who was away from us for seven years due to his education and a job. So now i am very happy that herein after we all will enjoy,live together at new place i.e.pune where he has taken a new house. Let me enjoy new place,new people, new scenes,totally new life .Happy new year to all.
@myfb2009 (8304)
• Malaysia
25 Dec 12
Zoe, i enjoyed my life the simple ways as well. As long i got the time to spend with my family at home, it sounds wonderful to me. When we have got the free time, we would watch movies together. Today would be another wonderful day since it is a Christmas holiday and we would spend time eating out. Later on, we would spend time together watching movies at home. Wishing you have a nice and wonderful Christmas celebration with your family and friends...
@spicymary (558)
• Romania
22 Dec 12
I enjoy to connect with people that understand my way, with whom I can go beyond small talk to deeper things. They are usually my friends, especially my boyfriend, but they are also strangers, people who I might never see again. I also enjoy to connect with this kind of people through books. I feel so much powerful when I find a theory or a statement in a book that makes me say "This is what I always wanted to say, but I didn't find the proper words". It helps me discovering life, with all its subtleties, and this is awesome. There are many other things that usually make me happy and give me the feeling that life worths: walking on a new street, traveling, listening soul music, eating something delicious, even better if I made it, making love.
@axlrate7 (1399)
• Philippines
22 Dec 12
I enjoy sleeping specially when I'm really tired, the only thing that comes up my mind is a bed and my pillow. I love eating different kinds of foods, playing and tweaking my computer, playing guitar when there's a time to play it, I also enjoy reading others people thoughts, sometimes I find some inspirations and lessons with them and the last I think, I enjoy watching television especially documentaries of the past civilizations, etc... :)
• China
22 Dec 12
we can enjoy life in an easy way if we just want to , such as reading a book, watching a movie, or having talks with friends and parents.
@Micmac (9733)
22 Dec 12
ji ZoeJoy I enjoy life by being together with my loved ones, my friends, parents, and everyone close to my heart. They make me smile and spending time with thme is happiness. I really find joy in their company. :)
• Indonesia
22 Dec 12
Doing something I love. Most people live always hoped to do something they love. Adding satisfaction outside work will make I more happy. Enjoying the cup of coffee in a cafe alone, or have time to play my favourite games also give me a sense of happiness, it's simple really, what brings me joy are doing something I really enjoy at home or some other place where I can relax and enjoy "me time".
@dodoazo (22051)
• Philippines
22 Dec 12
Joy is the opposite of sadness. Isn't it? To appreciate the true meaning of joy, everyone should has to pass the stage of sadness, trials and challenges in life. Once he or she able to surmount it successfully now it is the time that he or she experience the joy, the joy in their life. Therefore, once you are happy, satisfied and contented, you're happy about it and there is joy in your heart. That's how I feel it.