Which life is better? Before or After marriage.

December 22, 2012 3:39am CST
As i am a single i think being single is the way. Before marriage i think life is very simple. We do not have to worry, no responsibilities on our shoulders. We can go anywhere with friends, eat what ever we like. We are not really bound to sleep early. This is my opinion. I might be completely wrong. There might be some people who like married life more. After marriage we have to worry about expenses of children, their education and much more. Parents really have to run after their children to go to bed early. I think people who are married should be having a way out to manage their lives.
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@mranjaan (137)
23 Dec 12
Dear rldchampions001, married life is much better than single one. This is a natural law, no one can avoid this. These days, be strong in financial matter, it will automatically solve your problems, and your other thinkings are wrong, get rid of it.
@tshihmin2 (186)
• Malaysia
23 Dec 12
Of course, the life before marriage is better. Like you said, no worries and no duties. Freedom to go anywhere with anybody and eat freely. Actually, there are some people out there stays with their parents. Rent, water bill, and electricity bill paid by the parents. Food are readied on the table when you come home from work because parents cook. While, the life after marriage, is a kind of more difficult one. Responsibilities are high. Yes, people who are married must have a good plan and well manage in life. He or she must have a very strong heart to carry on with the marriage life. I can't say marriage life is totally no advantages. Marriage also got it's benefits. For instance, when the children are all grown up, they could be useful to us as we are their parents. They could be giving us some money to travel and so on. Of course, we don't put high expectation on them to do so. But, there are chances that it will happen. Hopefully.
@devonavis (1857)
• Greece
23 Dec 12
I can not tell because I never get married so nothing to compare. Haha For now, being single is cool, I have all the freedom! And I think this is one thing that will disappear when someone gets married. Haha Freedom!
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
22 Dec 12
I agree that being single is way easier than a married life. Single life doesn't have a lot of responsibilities and duties to take care of. Unlike with married life that you are responsible of many things concerning your family (kids and spouse) I am a married person, but I never regretted getting married and having 3 kids. Thu I can say that life is hard and taking care of grown up kids is really a big challenge- and I can say that I am enjoying my life.
• Philippines
22 Dec 12
It depends on the life they have. I have a friend who gave up her career and got married and have kids but is really happy with her decision. There are people who are single but lonely and is desperate to get married. I guess it will depend on how you look your life now. If a person found the right partner and they are really compatible and friends, I guess being married is not that bad. My parents seems very happy especially now that they come of age together.