i have been in love before

United States
December 22, 2012 11:08am CST
i been in love before with a boy.he would talk to me but he did so much things and he hurt me it like he didnt care and come to think of it he didnt care i was the only one caring i guess .and he was gettin in trouble ill always talk him about stayin out of trouble but its like i was if im talkin to the wall cause i noticed it would go threw one ears and out the other. then i would talk on the phone with him sometime my sister would call i would put her on the line at one point my phone was actin dumd so i asked him to call her he did so he says to her is this a number i can call you on she says sure. from then i knew they was talkin it made me upset knowing the type of person my sister is she is boy crazy. and she would text him send him half naked pictures and i had to find it all byself my self cause he wasnt going to tell me it got me upset and they would stay up on the phone late at night. one day he came to school and i asked to used his phone and i went threw his phone i seen texts from my sister he told me that a different girl he know im like are you kidding me and they have the same name i knew in my right mind it wasnt no freind of his it was my sister like oh please .and then she tells me she comin to my school and i was angry but i was like watever soo then thats when her and my ex been hangin out so. then as the school years went by i hearing they are datin i get mad at them both .and then thats the big shocking news came out that the took my ex boyfriend and his freind in a art class from in the school and had did something she wasnt suppose to do with them.mad with them both them made me most upset i didnt talk to both them for a very long time.
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@subhojit10 (7384)
• India
22 Dec 12
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Well i can understand your situation very well and i think such issues do happen when u are in a relationship and to be very honest it is important to have an understanding and caring partner who values relationship. It is then that u can see the relationship going ahead. I think u should try to forget the past and move ahead so that it never haunts u in the future again. Live life to the fullest and forget the past. What say?
• United States
22 Dec 12
thats what i have been doing now .
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
24 Jan 13
I am so sorry, dear. The guy is not the right person for you. Just don't waste your time on people like him. As for your sister, why would she be doing such a thing like that? Doesn't she realize that she is hurting you? Have you tried talking to her about all these?
@ZoeJoy (1395)
• United States
3 Jan 13
I would think it is best if you found someone who will stay loyal to you. Make sure there is loyalty. Sounds like you got yourself in a complicated situation and perhaps, it is best to just step out of that complicated situation. Just start all over to find that someone special who is just right for you. All the best.
@misjoseph (162)
27 Dec 12
Well that guy is has a very hard heart... i just don't understand why when you do good to most people you always get bad in return.... you love and care to that guy and he just did not even had the heart to appreciate and the worst things your sister should give you advice but she is even....
@Arieles (2474)
• United States
22 Dec 12
If any boy can't respect you enough to be honest and faithful to you then you are to good for him. And the fact he is messing around with your sister is not good news either. It is better to steer clean of this wanna be Casanova, he's no good for you and he's probably no good for your sister either. I hope you will be able to find someone who can be honest true and faithful like you deserve.