does your child have funny fears?

@pomwango (1355)
December 22, 2012 1:46pm CST
my daughter has me so amused,she has had this great fear of a stuffed little monkey, so great is her fear that she will scream and cry almost first we dismissed it as a passing phase and thought she would outgrow it when even her younger sibbling would chase her with it and she would keep crying and started having nightmares we got rid of it.its weird the other kids see it as a toy but we decided if its her worst fear we should not have it in the house.does your child fear weird things that you find totally harmless?my neighbours son had a fear about a jacket his mum had that has some fur on the collar that he would hide when she wore it,she had to stop wearing it.
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@liezel25 (292)
• Germany
22 Dec 12
Thats really funny. My son has a wierd fear too. We just recently discoverd this. He got scared of any santa claus commercials in tv. He runs fast to us and hide at our back whenever the commercial was shown, haha.. Hes just 1 years old :)
@pomwango (1355)
• Kenya
31 Dec 12
this makes me laugh remembering how we had to carry my daughter because there was a dancing santa at the shop entrance she fears it so much, maybe cause its a very huge mechanical man.
@youless (94189)
• Guangzhou, China
26 Dec 12
Yes, sometimes the little children will have some fears. The reason is unknown. I remember when my son was little, he was so afraid of the fan. At that time it was terrible since we were unable to turn on the fan even if it was in the hot summer. Although we could still use the air-conditioner, but it would be cooler with fan anyway. My son would feel scared once the fan started. We didn't understand why he would be scared to it since he had never been got hurt from a fan. Fortunately as time goes by, he grew up and he was no longer scared of the fan.
@pomwango (1355)
• Kenya
31 Dec 12
youless,i am happy he outgrew the fear,they leave you wondering whats so scary that they fear such a harmless thing ,i wonder if their eyes play tricks on them or their imagination goes out of hand.
@bhelle76 (354)
• Canada
24 Dec 12
very contradict to my daughter, she loves monkeys and she likes the sounds and actions. She is not scared of anything even dark which is also totally contradict to her brother which is scared of everything except eating, lol... Merry christmas!
@pomwango (1355)
• Kenya
31 Dec 12
i hope he outgrows it, my daughter still has the fears many years later.
• United States
24 Jan 13
My daughter is 9 months old and she is afraid of the lawnmower and the vacuum cleaner. I think it's just the noise she doesn't like, not the objects themselves.
@dodoazo (21584)
• Philippines
23 Dec 12
Fear is normal to every person to have. But to have it to the extreme, that is something to be given attention. For it is not good. It will affect the personality of that person. Fear has so many faces or types depending of the nature, causes, exposure and many more. For example: fear of darkness - achlouphobia, fear of sleep - somniphobia, etc.