Monolid to Double Eyelid

December 22, 2012 7:08pm CST
Is it possible to make double eyelid without glue, double eyelid tape or surgery?
3 responses
• China
23 Dec 12
It can happen to somebody,and base on my observation,I really find out that there is some guy who is single eyelid then after a few years it turns to double eyelid naturally,and he said the reason is just do more blink. But as for me,I think that sometimes single eyelid can look beautiful as well,and the beauty comes from nature.
• Philippines
23 Dec 12
nope. i dont think it is possible without any surgery. but why dream of having double eyelids when you can enhance you pretty eyes with a little mascara :)
23 Dec 12
From what I have read, there isn't. I think those might be the only options available, but I could be wrong. Monolids are just as beautiful as double eyelids by the way!