She Is a Character

@NailTech (6890)
United States
December 22, 2012 7:14pm CST
Last night my mom was tired alot from the Dr and the Xray she had to go to in the morning and so I guess that is why she was sleeping so much. She went to put the TV on at abut 7 and fell asleep on it as she does anyways half the time, so I shut the TV off about 7:20, then she wakes up after I shut it off and wants it back on again. I find her falling asleep again after 5-10 minutes and shut it off again. I don't hear anything again til my brother runs down the stairs again at his usual time at 8 p.m. (right on time!), puts the TV on taking the remote from by her. She says to HIM in a really crabby voice "Are you gonna shut it off again?". I thought something was wrong with her cause her tone of voice sounded odd. I said why would I leave it on if you're falling asleep, so my brother knows she was probably referring to me. Then, I told my brother if she isn't up in a little while to get her to take her blood sugar cause she sounded strange again, as she does at 8 p.m. So he does it and she says she will take it later. Finally before 10 she takes her blood sugar as it is fairly OK at 140. I thought her sugar would be down cause of the way she's been sleeping so much and not being up yet at 8 like usual for her to watch her TV with my brother. Seems she was just tired. I told her today what she said (in the same tone/sound of her voice), cause it was funny and so she actually laughed about it and said she remembered it. I guess she still has some of a sense of humor left.
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@911Ricki (13602)
• Canada
23 Dec 12
I guess she was still asleep, I know I sound off and odd when I just wake up. Sometimes I dont even remember what I say half the time. I know my friend has diabeties, and she gets all weird at night. She will literally be sitting there talking, then close her eyes like she is bored or not listening. I think its just years of her not taking care of her health now its catching up with her.
@devonavis (1857)
• Greece
23 Dec 12
Maybe your mom was tired a lot but then wants to watch the television. Maybe it is her favorite TV show that is why she doesn't want the TV off but then she ends up sleeping after a few minutes. haha. I'm glad that you are actually talking with her because I think her situation is not easy. She needs love and care. Happy holidays!