bad luck to have a cacoethic romemate

December 22, 2012 9:23pm CST
Just over a month ago ,I moved into a hostel room sharing a cell with other two guys. Days after I was in,I found one roommate had two cacethic habits. One is being addicted to playing on-line game untill very late like 2am every working day,the other is smoking continuously. Now the first bad beheavior that is to play very late is tolerated by me. But the other is badly harming my health ,furthermore I am a non-smoker and senstive to smoke of cigarette very much . And I feel worse and worse on this careless manner. However I don't like complain or talk something bad behind someone ,so I just keep quiet all the time . But I wanna take some effective action ,for intance ,chasing him away by force or through adminstrative methold. I just prefer to get him away from me right away. Do you have any other options for me ? Coz If I do this ,could cause discontent.
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@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
23 Dec 12
No matter how you you would want to do it, it would surely cause some "misunderstandings" between you and your room mates. But I think that the best way is to tell the administrator of the place where you are staying that the behavior of your room mates are not acceptable.
• China
23 Dec 12
We talked about this,but nothing changed. No more compromission.
• Singapore
23 Dec 12
Every time when he start to smoke, you could ask him politely to go outside to smoke. If he is willing to cooperate, you can just keep on reminding him if he forgot to go outside to smoke, then after a while, he will develop going outside to smoke as a habit. If he is not willing to cooperate, then maybe you have to talk to the owner about this issue and ask for a change of hostel room if necessary. Usually, most people are willing to cooperate as long as you explain to them the reasoning about second-hand smoke.