12 fruits before New years Day

@asliah (11148)
December 23, 2012 7:48pm CST
greetings to all of you guys,do you believe on it,having a 12 circular fruits in the house before new years day will bring luck to you life and in the house for the coming year? if yes then what are those fruits that you usually prepare or what the most fruit do you have in your house during Christmas Day and New years day?why?
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@Shavkat (64928)
• Philippines
24 Dec 12
It is only in New Year, it is a sign of being prosperous. It brings luck to the house or rather attracts wealth. I am not sure if it is a myth.
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
24 Dec 12
Hi asliah, 12 kinds of fruits for 12 months. Each month has a particular fruit. Shape of circular symbolizes successfully and favorably. If we have different circular fruit for the 12 months respectively means that everything done daily will be going go smoothly and successfully Lol...all I presume only. If so I would like to ponder to see what fruits are cheap and can keep for longer time Have a nice day
@jiiiiin (569)
• Philippines
24 Dec 12
For me it is just myths, you yourself makes your own luck and not the fruits. :)