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December 23, 2012 9:19pm CST
As we grow older we meet many people from walks of life, from other places and other nationalities. We sometimes adopted their cultures, lifestyles, manners and thinking. When I was working abroad I had this culture shock. Need to adjust the way they live, adjustment in foods, adjustment in everything. One more barrier is the language. Only the young generations can speak and understand English and some from the old generation. So I needed to learn the basic language of that city so I can at least mingle with the locals. Sometime these people we met taught us but we aren't aware. As we adopted some of their cultures, we changed a bit in terms of manners. I observed this when I was abroad. Some Filipinos are acting like those locals in that city, can not blame them because 24/7 they are with them. I was straightforward ever since and when I came back home in the Philippines some of my friends said I became more frank or straightforward. My boss said to me before, it's better to be honest, speak up your mind than keeping it in yourself.
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20 Jan 13
I haven't experience being on a different place yet. But I noticed that whenever we visit our province in Batangas and stayed there for a week, we almost adapt the way they speak "punto" in Tagalog.
@Mintlin (323)
• China
25 Dec 12
for me,it's a good thing to meett different people ,especially when people from different cultures.The interesting part is adapting and learning,make yourself as part of them,when you went to many places,meet many people,experience lots of things,your life will be colorful and richful.
• United States
25 Dec 12
How lucky you are that you travel abroad. I have never gone to another country with the exception of Canada and Mexico. Of course the Canadian spoke English and most of the Mexicans with whom I dealt also spoke English. I have met and become close friends with a lot of people from other countries and other cultures and I have learned some of their language, they have taught me some of the foods they eat and how to prepare them, and such. I have been very enriched by these experiences.
@ARIES1973 (9539)
• Legaspi, Philippines
24 Dec 12
As I analyze your story, I can see that your friends noticed a big change in your dealing with things. You personality and attitude. This is part of changes that we learned thru interactions with different people. Well, for me there is nothing wrong with adopting the customs of other nations, for as long as this will benefit you and would contribute to your success in life. And for as long as you are not creating negative effect on other people by that change. Yes, speaking what's on your mind is a good thing. To be safe, let us apply this principle together with the phrase, knowing to say the proper word, at the proper time and at the proper place. Have a nice day!
• Greece
24 Dec 12
Culture shock is not a bad thing, it makes us take a fresh look at the way we live and sometimes it improves us. We have the choice to adapt to a culture or to decide it is not for us. Travelling is said to broaden the mind and this sounds true in your experience.
@gmkk1986 (473)
• India
24 Dec 12
True, Life is a journey where we halt in many places to gain knowledge, correct mistakes and many more.. As you said being honest is good and straightforward will not be the case in all situations and wont apply in all cases. So we have to react according to the situation and to win people.
@ZoeJoy (1395)
• United States
24 Dec 12
If the country is large enough, it can be a culture shock just living in a different part of one's own country. I have moved around in two different countries. Both are large countries - Canada and USA. I can say that moving from one coast to the other coast in Canada was a culture shock for me. And then, moving to the United States was a culture shock. And then moving across several states in the USA was a culture shock. I didn't expect that between two countries which are next door to each other, and both speak English to be such a culture for me. And also, moving within each of those countries to be a culture shock. But that was my experience. But I do enjoy where I am living now, although it is so different from where I grew up. And yes, moving to a different country or a different part of your own country does indeed broaden your perspective, understanding and thinking. But I think it helps people to understand others better when they move around and live in different parts of the world. They will realize that no matter where they go, people are people. Perhaps if we all moved around more and realize that people are people no matter where you move, then hopefully, there would be less wars.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
24 Dec 12
I know that people would get that "culture shock" to be in a new place. And it takes a little time before they can feel at home. But there was this incident that happened years ago. I was with my ex. We went to his hometown. It was my first time of going to that place. But I have instantly fell in love with the place. I didn't feel the slightest longing for my home. All the people I met were kind and sweet. It was just one experience that I will never, ever forget.
@Iriene88 (5352)
• Malaysia
24 Dec 12
Yes, I totally agree with you. Once we are exposed to their daily life, the way of its culture we tend to be influenced by it. As time goes by, it is the nature of human being to adapt to its environment. As the saying goes :- "Do as the Romans do"(if you were in Rome, live in the Roman way; if you are elsewhere, live as they do thereā€) Merry Christmas and Happy new year!
@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
24 Dec 12
it sounds like i do alot of traveling. i too, love to travel and experience different cultures to my own. where all did you go?