Cats like to eat durian fruit??

December 24, 2012 9:42pm CST
I watch a video of a cat is eating some of durian, so cats also like to eat durian? Anyone can confirm it?
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• United States
25 Dec 12
I'm not thinking that my cat will be having any because I've never heard of it and don't know what it is? What country is the fruit popular in? My cat eats catfood made of plant material and some fish byproducts. Her favorite is the wet food that smells like tuna fish. She goes nuts when I open it meowing and touching her paw to my leg to get me to hurry up. I suppose I could find the fruit from the international market and see if she eats it!
• Indonesia
25 Dec 12
Durian is the fruits with the thorny skin, the flesh has a strong fragrance and it tastes very, very sweet, however many people dislikes the smell because how strong the smell so even the flies often comes if you eat durian, and after you eat them even if you wash your hand, the smell is often still left, so there are people who love to eat them but others hate them. Durian is expensive fruits in here too even though it originates from my country Indonesia. Durian in english means "Thorny"
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• United States
25 Dec 12
Okay, and I think I have seen the fruit in some of the markets. I will certainly look for it and one of the international markets and see if I can try one. When you say that it is very sweet, that means that I will be certain to like it. I like to use the juice of lemon to take away unpleasant smells from my hands. After I cut onions if I use the juice of lemon and then wash my hands with soap and water, it seems that the smell is not as strong.
@AkamaruKei (5218)
• Malaysia
26 Dec 12
That cat versatile. I have a some of our cat like to eat vegetable. I dont know why she like to eat vegetable. Maybe fish and rice is not enough to her and still hungry that why she eat some vegetable in dustbin.
• China
25 Dec 12
Wooo,that is really interestng,I've never heard it before.The cats in my hometown are feed with catfood or rice mixed with fish or vegetable soup.Durian is so expensive in our hometown,we can not afford to buy the cats.But there is a song from FRIENDS said"smelly cat,smelly cat what are they feeding you?" My be they feed the smelly cat durian.
@ElicBxn (60892)
• United States
25 Dec 12
I don't know abut durian, but I've had cats who loved cantaloupe, watermelon, broccoli and corn, so I don't know why one might not love durian. They say that cat's don't have a sweet tooth, but some cats go absolutely crazy over the craziest things. I had one that would KILL for a certain type of sweet bread.
@youless (95253)
• Guangzhou, China
25 Dec 12
How interesting it is! However, I have never seen any cats that eat durians. I ever saw a cat that ate the watermelon and it was already very funny. Since durians have a special flavor, so it will be much more amazing for a cat to eat the durian.