Let's see the perseverance of Delhites

December 25, 2012 3:08am CST
Gan grape in Delhi has taken the city by storm. For the first time Delhi is witnessing hostile mass movement under no leader. Police is finding hard to control the movement. Government has order to switch off nine of the metro station to refrain people from assembling and making protest on a large scale. Police has used lathi-charge, tear gas cannons but still not able to dither the Delhi-angry-mob. So far so good, but if Delhites want to get to some conclusion they have to show this form for at least a month. They have to force Shiela Dixit to resign. Dixit can come on TV and can sob, all those tears are not going to melt Delhi walas . They are making all kind of promises to pacify the Delhites but people need to show their anger in next Delhi polls, they have to unanimous urge Delhites not to vote for this government again. Delhites has to put pressure on Shiela, they should ask for her head. Shiela thinks that by suspending commissioners can soothe Delhites, what nonsense it is. Why only after rape has been done, Delhites are on the roll. India needs some triggers to go for an all round movement. The movement has been started and they should make sure that it goes till all their demands are met. Better late than never.
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@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
25 Dec 12
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Yes seriously hats off to the undying spirit of the Delhites that they have been fighting day and night and thereby they have demonstrated the real power of the public. Their voice can shatter anyone even the Govt and i think the struggle should go on so that we can get justice in the coming days. We need a strong law to curb such crimes in our society. What say?